Melissa Mostyn has launched her first e-book, ‘My Daughter And I’

The book charts the developmental progress of Melissa’s daughter who has cerebral palsy and associated disabilities, from the day of her birth to the present day.

What makes ‘My Daughter And I’ unusual is the fact it is written from the perspective of a deaf person. Melissa is pre-lingually deaf and has no memory of having hearing.

The book has been created from a blog which Melissa started when her daughter was born.  There was so much going on that she couldn’t absorb each new piece of information properly.  This was her way of reaching out as she found herself very isolated in her own personal turmoil.

Although the book’s title highlights her daughter’s starring role, Melissa stresses that it also explores the broader family dynamic:  “I cannot deny the huge impact my daughter’s disabilities have had on the household as a whole.  Building in the arrival of her baby brother and the areas of interest I developed afterwards, was just as important a way of showing how we all adapted to being a deaf and disabled family.”

‘My Daughter And I’ is available on Kindle.