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Some case histories of children we have recently helped

Children’s names have been changed to preserve their anonymity. Click on the title or the + symbol to expand the detail for each case.

Matthew's Story - Dravet Syndrome

Matthew is 12 years old and has Dravet Syndrome and experiences frequent seizures.  He is unaware of his surroundings and has no communication skills.  His medication and emergency protocol require a high level of skill to administer.  Matthew is at boarding school during term time but in the holidays his mum needs a lot of support as Matthew needs 24 hour supervision because of his seizures.  CHAT was able to finance care in the school holidays which gave his mum some time to spend with her younger son.

Sam's Story - Cerebral Palsy

Sam is 8 years old and has cerebral palsy affecting all four limbs.  He is unable to sit or walk unaided.  He needs help feeding and with most daily tasks.  He has visual impairment.  He uses a buggy and is reliant on hoists.  The family had not received any statutory help before CHAT became involved.  When Sam underwent surgery on his hips his mother decided she needed extra help in the post-op period.  CHAT granted care to enable his mother to take a break from her full time caring role in this period.

Sally's Story - Severe Developmental Delay

Sally is a bubbly 15 year old girl with severe developmental delay.  She has a very short attention span and is now experiencing all the hormonal emotions of any 15 year old but without the understanding.  This results in self-harming, head banging and biting.  The family is exhausted after coping with Sally for 15 years and holiday times are a particular pressure point.  CHAT’s grant enabled the family to arrange outings for Sally in the school holidays as well as arranging some early morning care before school.

Stephanie's Story - MIcrocephaly, ADHD, Global delay.

Stephanie has Microcephaly, ADHD, Global delay and severe learning difficulties.  She loves doing simple jigsaw puzzles but is in a world of her own.  Her grandmother, who had been a support to mum, became ill and could no longer help with Stephanie.  Her mum applied to CHAT for help and used the grant to fund care in the summer holidays.  This freed up her mother so she could spend time with her other daughter.  Stephanie enjoyed going on outings with her carers and returns home very happy.

Frank's Story - Global Development Delay.

Frank is a 9 year old boy with Severe Global Developmental Delay and visual impairment which affects his balance and mobility.  He requires help with personal daily tasks.  His mother was desperately tired and struggling to meet the needs of her other children.  She recognised that she needed help.  While CHAT’s grant was being used the family were able to have a weekend away without Frank enabling them to visit museums and shops which created happy memories for them.  Meanwhile Frank had a lovely time being amused by his carer and having lots of attention.

Alphie's Story - Cognitive level of 3 years.

Alfie is 17 years old but with a cognitive level of 3 years.  He has severe language delay and gets extremely anxious which leads to aggression. He had been excluded from a specialist youth club as he felt insecure and became aggressive towards the staff.  CHAT’s grant funded a carer to take him to this specialist youth club and supervise him for the duration.  The youth club organisers have been extremely pleased with how well the arrangement is working and say that he is now participating fully.