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CHAT funded two carers for my two sons who took them on outings together. This enabled me the catch up at home which I cannot normally do when the boys are around.  The carers were very professional and had lots of experience and there was good communication from the care agency.

Thank you CHAT for enabling my son to attend the holiday play scheme run by Bucks Play Association. My son really enjoyed his time there and enjoyed mixing with the other children and staff. He is looking forward to the next school holidays.

CHAT’s grant enabled my son to attend a specialist child minder for a few hours in the holidays enabling me to spend time with my other children. This made the holidays much easier.  Thank you so much.

We have had a great summer holiday with a big thank you to CHAT Charity and the respite care we received from Sara via Care Forum. Sara came out with me and the children on outings and this meant that we could do activities together.  We went swimming, to Waddesdon Manor, Thomley Hall, Aston Clinton Park and Camp Mowhawk.  Having a carer with us gave me the confidence to do this.  The children thoroughly benefited from the respite hours and my son enjoyed himself and confidently explored.  He has gone back to school a happy, confident little man.  I know other new parents of autistic children and see their lack of confidence to go out.  They stay at home as it’s easier.  I have been there and it’s lonely.  I can see first-hand how valuable CHAT’s respite hours are to parents.

Now that my son is 18 he really needs to be able to access some activities outside the family unit. CHAT’s grant enabled a carer to take him on outings in the holidays and give him a break from me!

It has been lovely to spend some calm time with our son while knowing that our daughter is having a great time and being well looked after. Alex the carer is brilliant and she is now a very important part of my daughter’s life.  She has been very reliable and when my daughter is out we are fully confident that she is safe and happy.  The carer has been doing different activities with her each week, including swimming, going to the park, McDonalds and lots of walking. We have noticed many improvements with our daughter. This is such an amazing service that you offer and it has helped us all so much. Thank you!

CHAT’s grant enabled my daughter to do lots of activities she wanted to do and made her understand a bit about the outside world.

The grant we received from CHAT (plus some hours that I had saved) was able to fund a carer (Jenny from Eden Care) to come on holiday with us. The carer played with Clare and took her to the playground while I walked the dog and spent time with my other daughter.  She also pushed the wheelchair to save me constantly doing it!  Clare really enjoyed having another friend away with us and I felt that I had actually had a break with my children. We really did have a fantastic week which would not have been possible without CHAT’s help. So I really am thankful to CHAT and the help we got as a family.

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